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L-Methylfolate (15 mg) Plus Methyl-B12

60 servings - Cherry Flavor

Liquid Sublingual Concentrate

L-Methylfolate is the biologically active, bloodstream-ready form of Folate (Vitamin B9). Our formulation provides a professional-strength dose of 15 mg of L-Methylfolate. This strength was formulated to support those seeking mood or methylation support. It includes a full serving of Methyl-B12, which is an essential cofactor to L-Methylfolate. The liquid sublingual form provides enhanced absorption and an enjoyable cherry flavor. L-Methylfolate is essential to neurotransmitters production involved in concentration, sleep, energy, hormones & mood.* Methylfolate also supports heart health and nerve function by supporting healthy homocysteine levels and nitric oxide production.*

Size: 1 oz - 30 servings