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Ionic Lytes™ Electrolyte Concentrate

Size: 8 fl. oz - 96 Servings

Ionic Lytes is derived from the purest source of ionically charged sea minerals. Using a 12-point extraction and purification process, we provide perfectly purified electrolytes while maintaining the natural ionic charge and nano-particle size. Ionic Lytes contains the ionic forms of magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride & zinc.

Achieve total body hydration at the cellular level. Assists in improving athletic performance & recovery, enhancing mental clarity, reducing signs of aging, improving energy levels, and supporting overall health.*

Size: 8 fl. Oz - 96 Servings


  • Hydration as Nature Intended

    Complete Absorption & Fast-Acting Hydration

    Ionic Lytes is a highly concentrated all-natural electrolyte formulation derived from the perfectly purified ionic minerals, and it is hydration as nature intended. The ionic minerals perfectly bond with water molecules for rapid cellular uptake and hydration.

    Zero Sugar, Calories, or Artificial Ingredients

    Ionic Lytes is pure ionically charged electrolytes. It contains zero sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients.

    Please note, Ionic Lytes is not focused on taste. It has a salty, mineral taste. If you are sensitive to taste, consider adding a squeeze of lemon or add to smoothie or juice. It is 100% Keto Approved with no added flavors and zero calories.

    Isotonic for Intra-Cellular and Extra-Cellular Hydration

    Ionic Lytes provides you with perfectly balanced isotonic hydration. “Isotonic” means the beverage creates cellular homeostasis by balancing hydration both inside and outside the cells. This means water levels both inside and outside of the cells are balanced.

    Hypertonic solutions pull water out of the cells and hypotonic solutions pull excess water into cells, causing them to bloat and even explode. Isotonic solutions create hydration homeostasis both inside and outside the cell.

    Perfectly Purified Electrolytes From Ionically Charged Minerals

    Ionic Lytes is derived from the purest source of ionically charged sea minerals using a cutting edge 12-point extraction and purification process. It provides perfectly purified electrolytes delivered in the form nature intended.

    The preservation of the natural ionic charge allows the electrolytes to bond perfectly with the water molecules delivering deep cellular hydration at the cellular level. Nature made minerals ionically charged, and it's the form cells need.

    Maximum Electrolyte Concentration & Best Value

    Electrolyte Concentration Comparison