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Ionic Iron Liquid Supplement

Size: 1.9 fl. oz. - 240 Servings

Are low iron levels keeping you from being your best self? Get your energy back and feel alive again by reversing your iron deficiency. Our Ionic Iron concentrate is the most effective form of iron. It maintains its natural ionic charge allowing for easy and rapid absorption. Its superior absorption also allows for smaller stomach-friendly doses. It is also iron in its pure form, free of chemical flavoring agents.

Size: 1.9 fl. oz. - 240 Servings

  • The Most Effective Form of Iron

    Higher & Faster Absorption

    Our Ionic Iron is derived from the most bioavailable form of iron – Ionic Ferrous Sulfate. It is shown to absorb 4x better than other synthetically derived forms of iron.

    It’s a highly absorbable iron WITHOUT all the other artificial ingredients.

    Our iron maintains its natural ionic charge, allowing it to quickly and easily be assimilated into the bloodstream where the cascade of biochemical reactions can occur. The iron molecules are also in the nano-size range, meaning they are tiny. Meaning they are extremely small. The reduction in size makes them more reactive and bioavailable across the entire bloodstream. 1 to 2 doses per day will help reverse your iron deficiency and make you feel alive again.

    Pure Iron Without the Chemicals

    If you're looking for pure iron free of artificial flavors and ingredients, look no further.

    Our Iron is non-flavored and made for those who desire purity with no artificial flavor-masking agents.

    Don’t Bomb Your Stomach!

    Our Iron is the Most Absorbable Form – Allowing for Smaller, Stomach Friendly Doses

    The liquid ionic form allows the iron to bypass the stomach and immediately begin absorption from the small intestine. This form of iron will be absorbed faster and at higher concentrations in the body, allowing for lower, stomach-friendly doses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Austin Barrows
It says .25 ml (5 drops)

Some people on here say it says 25 ml as a serving. No! It says .25ml is a serving. Only 5 drops, not 5 droppers full!

Tari Adebayo
There’s a cure for the bad taste!

I’ve been using this a few years. I was never able to take iron before this because it would upset my stomach, this works great. It keeps from going anemic after donating blood. But the thing that everybody needs to know is that if you just add it to a couple tablespoons of Sunny D, you will not even taste it! There’s something about Sunny D that just covers up the taste completely.

Jeff Miller
Real deal

It’s strong as it is supposed to be. I prefer to have slightly low iron rather than heart burn, so I stopped. If you need iron, this is definitely the real deal

Dolly Boyer
This shhiiiii is NASTY

Do not attempt to take this alone. Don’t do It. The shiiiiiii is NASTYYYYY. Mix It with a little juice or something. But On the other hand It works. Iron numbers increased. No blood transfusions needed since taking. Take It alone… and you will frown up...

Aleen Crist
Everything Bad is Good

First, let me agree the taste will take a moment! Best thing is to mix it in something if you are not into tasting things. I've tried both. Overall I'll be back to comment in a month to see if there are any changes.