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SoActive Milk Thistle Plus Artichoke Extract

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

Next Generation Milk Thistle for Liver Support

SoActive® Milk Thistle leverages phytosome technology to provide the most biologically active and effective form of Milk Thistle. It is optimized for the essential bioactives, Silybin A & Silybin B. Our Milk Thistle phytosome, Siliphos, is backed by 13 clinical studies showing improvements in liver function, liver repair, liver biomarkers, and detoxification. The formula is also enhanced with the clinically validated Bilear artichoke extract, which supports detoxification by stimulating bile to aid in removing toxins from the body.

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

  • What is a Phytosome?

    And How Does it Improve Absorption & Effectiveness?

    Some botanical extracts or natural compounds have extremely poor bioavailability. In the case of Silybin, the primary bioactive in Milk Thistle, it struggles to mix with lipids within the body. Lipids make up the outer layer of all cells in the body.

    Phytosome technology solves this problem by compounding the Silybin from Milk Thistle with the lipid, phosphatidylcholine.

    The lipids and Silybin are now bound together to form a new unit of molecules. This new unit is now the perfect delivery vehicle of Silybin into the body and enhances its absorption into the bloodstream and ability to be received and utilized by cells, specifically liver cells.

    The Body Extracts Silybin A & B from Silymarin

    Silymarin is a big compound that has smaller bioactive compounds within it. Silymarin actually does not provide health benefits associated with Milk Thistle. The smaller bioactive molecules of Silybin A & B that are within the Silymarin benefit it.

    When the body consumes Milk Thistle, it must break down the Silymarin to extract the Silybin A & B. This process is challenging for the body, which is why the absorption of standard Milk Thistle is so low.

    We went ahead and isolated Silybin A & B and optimized its ability to be absorbed and delivered to the liver.

    On Top of The Enhanced Absorption into the Bloodstream…

    Proven Delivery to the Liver

    In clinical testing, our Milk Thistle phytosome was proven to deliver the key nutrients, Silybin, to the liver cells. Forty-eight (48) hours after taking the Milk Thistle, substantial phytosome levels of Silybin were detected in the liver.

    In comparison, standard Milk Thistle optimized for Silymarin was also tested during the same study. After 48 hours, NO statistically significant levels of Silybin was detected in the liver.

    Showing standard Milk Thistle with Silymarin has little effectiveness in being delivered and utilized by the liver. In the study, our Milk Thistle Phytosome delivered 460% more Silybin to liver cells.

    In Clinical Studies, Bilear Artichoke Extract was Shown to Promote Bile Production & Excretion

    Bile plays a crucial role in liver health because it removes the toxins processed by the liver. Without healthy bile levels, the toxins cannot be fully removed from the body.

    Bile is like the garbage truck in the body. If it is not running optimally, waste and toxins the body produces are not removed and build up.

    Siliphos Milk Thistle Dose Validation

    Our Milk Thistle Phytosome, Siliphos, was shown to have clinically proven results at 180 mg to 360 mg daily. Each capsule provides 180 mg, achieving clinically efficacious doses with 1 or 2 capsules per day.

    Bilear Artichoke Extract – Dose Validation

    Bilear Artichoke Extract was shown to have clinically proven results at 320 mg to 640 mg daily. Each capsule provides 320 mg, achieving clinically efficacious doses with 1 or 2 capsules per day.

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Be careful it works

It works very well, be careful.

Be careful it works

It works very well, be careful.

Seems (and probably is) fine!

No noticeable negative side effects.

So Active Milk Thistle plus Artichoke Extract

Love this supplement. I recently added many of the Triquetra products to my lifestyle.
I have noticed a considerable change in how I feel. I didn’t have any issues with stomach upset, with this or any of the others.

Jovany Kshlerin
SoActive® Milk Thistle

SoActive® Milk Thistle:SoActive® Milk Thistle is quick release capsules and there no after taste.great price for this nice size bottle.