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Saw Palmetto Extract with Pumpkin Seed Oil

Size: 60 Softgels - 60 Servings

  • Our Saw Palmetto extract exceeds US Pharmacopeia Pharmaceutical grade standards, with 320 mg servings, 90% fatty acid content, and 100% oil extract.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and phytosterols that complement Saw Palmetto as a potent DHT blocker, promoting prostate health and urinary function and preventing hair loss.
  • Our Saw Palmetto is grown and extracted in Central Florida using a clean CO2 extraction process, ensuring it is 100% free of contaminants, additives, Non-GMO ingredients, Irradiation, and solvents.

Our Saw Palmetto Extract is true Pharmaceutical Grade quality with over a 95% composition of active nutrients, and the Pumpkin Seed Oil contributes to potent beta sitosterols. Our extract has been clinically shown to block the testosterone to DHT conversion.*

Discover the Power of 100% Extract Saw Palmetto

Exceeds Pharmaceutical Standards for Optimal Prostate Health and Testosterone Boosting

Clinical research has shown that only 100% extract form successfully provides benefits such as relieving urination issues, preventing hair loss and promoting growth, reducing prostate swelling, improving prostate health, and increasing testosterone naturally. Our Saw Palmetto extract exceeds the US Pharmacopeia Pharmaceutical grade Saw Palmetto standards, with 320 mg servings, 90% fatty acid content, and 100% oil extract. The active nutrients in Saw Palmetto are found in the plant's oils, which is why our extract is 7-10 times more potent than standard Saw Palmetto supplements that only contain 8%-12% oil content. Our Saw Palmetto is grown and extracted in its natural habitat of Central Florida using CO2 extraction without solvents, making it 100% free of contaminants, chemical additives, Non-GMO ingredients, irradiation, and solvents.

At our company, we believe that what we put into our bodies matters, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to creating our supplements. Our Saw Palmetto is sourced and manufactured in a CGMP lab in the USA ensuring the use of natural, chemical-free ingredients.

While our website provides information on our products, it is important to note that their efficacy has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. The information presented here is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from qualified healthcare practitioners. We strongly recommend consulting with your physician or healthcare professional before using any of our products, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking other medications that could potentially interact with them. Your safety and wellbeing are our top priority, and we want to ensure that you make informed decisions when it comes to your health.

We understand your potential concern with these ingredients. Hopefully, our answer can provide you a little more clarity for these ingredients' necessity and that they are not a risk.

Our product contains 100% saw palmetto extract, and this extract is an extremely potent concentration of free fatty acids. It is the active and most essential ingredient in saw palmetto. All clinical studies were conducted around these active nutrients. The concentration of free fatty acids is extremely high, requiring the appropriate form of encapsulation. The capsules we used are essential in maintaining the proper encapsulation of these nutrients without degradation, leading to rot and leakage. The capsules we use are the most stable form for delivering the potent content of these ingredients. We also need to deliver these nutrients to the region in the digestive system where they can be absorbed.

Tapioca, rice, or pullulan capsules would not adequately sustain or deliver the concentration of nutrients from pure saw palmetto extract. If you look at our capsules, they are, in fact, pure oil extract. Many other products come in crushed berry form, powder, or crushed berries, containing only 9% free fatty acid concentration, which can be encapsulated in anything and have no nutritional value. One of our capsules of free fatty acid content is equivalent to 9+ of the powder or crushed berry forms.

We understand your concern and desire for clean labels with pure natural ingredients because we are very much a part of this movement, and it is a driving force behind the products we offer. The organic quality standards of our spirulina and chlorella could also attest to this.

With that said, much information regarding some ingredients is a bit misleading. All studies related to carrageenan are associated with the degraded form. In fact, this form is dangerous, but it is not dangerous when it comes to non-degraded forms. Also, the amount used in the capsules is so minuscule compared to any food source—the same as the modified corn starch. One capsule contains exponentially less modified corn starch than a handful of processed food containing the ingredient. In this case, we could not possibly deliver the nutrient content found in our extract without such capsules. It is a give and take that has to be made to enjoy the benefits of such a concentration of a potent botanical extract. Sometimes, a small bit of science can help us better reap the benefits of mother nature's fantastic healing properties.

The percent yield from the fruit is 12%. The extract itself contains 85-95% fatty acids.

Our Saw Palmetto formulation contains 80% saw palmetto extract and 20% pumpkin seed oil.  Each serving provides 320 mg of pharmaceutical-grade saw palmetto extract, which is the clinically recommended and ideal dosage for saw palmetto extract based on extensive clinical studies. 

Yes, it is perfectly safe and acceptable for females to take this product. 

Yes, our saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil extract do contain beta-sitosterol. It is a naturally-occurring phytonutrient found in the pumpkin seed oil. The pumpkin seed oil included in our nutritional supplement is for its beta-sitosterol and other mineral contents. The softgels provide about 0.8 mg beta-sitosterol, found in both USPlus and pumpkin seed oil. Total phytosterol content is about 1.2 mg.

Fatty acids are one of the primary active nutrients in saw palmetto, and the concentration of fatty acids is indicative of the potency and purity of the saw palmetto. The 90% fatty acid content qualifies our saw palmetto as pharmaceutical-grade. All clinical trials conducted on saw palmetto show a high concentration of fatty acids (over 80%), which is essential to receiving saw palmetto's full benefit.

We believe orally taking the saw palmetto with pumpkin seed oil is the best use, so we don't promote this method, but yes, you can do this! Here are some basic instructions, and if you have another recipe or technique you are planning on using, that is great too.

Blend 1 tablespoon of olive oil with a capsule of saw palmetto extract and pumpkin seed oil in a bowl. Heat the oil for a couple of seconds until it is slightly warm. Start rubbing the oil into your scalp with your fingertips. Once your scalp is fully covered, continue massaging it with your fingers for about 15 minutes. Leave the oil on for an additional 30 minutes, wash your hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo, and let your hair air dry. You can also mix the capsule with just warm water and apply it to your scalp, leaving it in all day.

Saw Palmetto positively influences testosterone levels, but it is not a testosterone booster. It is a DHT blocker. The body converts testosterone into DHT, and DHT wreaks havoc on the prostate contributing to hair loss. By preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, your body maintains the testosterone levels it already has.

There is no tangible Vitamin A in our Saw Palmetto product. It contains only extracted oils - the Vitamin A content from pumpkin seeds is in the actual plant mass. The primary nutrients in our Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed softgels are fatty acids.

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Palmetto with Pumpkin Seed oil

Seems to be working well without side effects of prescription

Davey James

only using for the past 2 weeks. cannot do a full review as yet.


Not tried yet

Lou Condor

Saw Palmetto Extract with Pumpkin Seed Oil


Saw Palmetto Extract with Pumpkin Seed Oil