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Plant-D3 + K2 10,000 IU D3 Strength

Size: 1 oz - 30 servings

Organic Plant Based Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2

Plant-D3 + K2 is an organic and plant-based source of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2. Our formulation contains MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 in all-trans MK7 form. All-Trans K2 is the 100% BioActive form of K2 that activates K2-dependent enzymes and proteins. This formulation contains a Vitamin D3 dose of 10,000 IU and 120 mcg of Vitamin K2 as MK7. The liquid sublingual form has enhanced absorption.

Size: 1 oz - 30 servings

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Angela Moore

Plant-D3 + K2 10,000 IU D3 Strength

Danuta Kalinowski

Wonderful I love it drop very good 👍 ☺️


Fast service

Paul Clayton
Best Vitamin D+K supplement in the world

I'm from the UK , I've searched the world and literally cannot find any supplement better for my specific health condition than this! Thank you so much Triquerta and please keep making these !

Juan Lara
I expected to feel a ton less inflammation

I expected to feel a lot less inflammation from this product. Not too bad thought. I don't feel down when I use it so it must be working. I use it every other day or so so I don't over do it. Another thing I didn't like was that I had to subscribe for 2 of them just to get 4 dollars off shipping. I found another company I will be trying out that has free shipping, not Amazon 😁. It's called Thorne. I got the name from Dr. Ekberg on YouTube. Looks like mk4 might be from animal products wich I eat so I may like that better. For vegetarians it may not be worth it.