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Barley Grass Juice Powder

Size: 5.3 oz. - 60 Servings

  • Barley Grass Juice Is The Most Concentrated & Nutrient Dense Form: Juice powder has up to 20 times higher nutrient concentration than whole grass powder. The barley grass is first cold-pressed into juice form, and then CO2 dried at ambient temperature.*
  • Organically Grown In Mineral-Rich Volcanic Soil of Utah: Our Barley Grass is organically grown in the most mineral-rich soil of Utah in the ancient volcanic soil. It is harvested at peak nutrient density or “jointing phase.*
  • Bioactive, Organic & Raw Form: Our Barley Grass juice powder maintains its full enzyme bioactivity due to its truly Raw form. This also preserves key nutrients such as Chlorophyll & SOD.*
  • Energize & Alkalize: Barley Grass has a potent amount of nutrients that improve energy levels and alkalizes the body.*

Derived from the young green shoots from barley grass, it is among the earliest-grown grasses in the world. Its multidimensional health benefits were even of interest to the Greeks and Romans. Our 20:1 juice powder concentrate is the most potent and superior form of this green superfood. It is organically grown in the volcanic soil of Utah, and delivered in 100% raw form, using BioActive Dehydration.

Size: 5.3 oz. - 60 Servings

Wheatgrass and barley grass are very similar nutritionally, but it is important to note that barley grass acts as a free radical scavenger, which reduces inflammation and pain. Wheatgrass contains P4D1, a glucoprotein, which acts as an antioxidant, reducing inflammation. It's also thought to be able to help the body attack cancer cells.

Many customers prefer taking both wheatgrass juice powder and barley grass juice powder together or alternating between them for the most balanced nutritional coverage. It's also beneficial to diversify your greens intake, as the body responds better to food diversity, similarly to how the body responds better to changing up exercises in your workouts. As for taste, the barley grass can be slightly sweeter than wheatgrass.

Yes, all 3 of our grass juice powders are gluten-free and non-gmo; wheatgrass, barley grass, and the 5 grass juice blend.

Both wheatgrass and barley grass juice powders should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Please keep it away from sunlight as the sunlight can diminish the nutritional quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews

I really love this product it help me to use the restroom twice a day not like before. I also love that it give me a lot of energy and all the good benefits for my health. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. PS. This is my 4th one already plus I order another one for my mom so total of 5

Kezia Roberson
Barley Grass Juice

I’ve never been this healthy. The juice powder does wonder things in my digestive system. I feel a lot more energetic.

James christopherson
Great way to get my greens

Barley has many benefits. I enjoy the flavor. What a great way to get the benefits of Barley.


Very good it help my digestive also I'm able to use the restroom once a day or twice now. Now like b4 definitely recommend this to everyone

Love This Barley Grass Juice Powder!

I love this juice powder. It gives me so much energy and it feels like it's really giving my body what it needs to function throughout the day.