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Ionic Zinc Plus Copper Liquid Concentrate

Size: 2oz - 240 servings

Ionic zinc sulfate balanced with ionic copper sulfate. The zinc & copper are delivered in their ideal ratio. This ensures optimal Zinc absorption without causing copper imbalance. The liquid concentrate form allows for easy to adjust dosage sizes for your needs and every member of your family. Zinc is essential for immunity, mood and brain function, children’s development, digestion, thyroid health, and eye function. Zinc is involved in over 300 biological processes.

Size: 2 oz. - 236 Servings

  • Ionically Charged is the Form Cells Naturally Need

    The ionic form of zinc & copper sulfates maintain their active ionic charge and are immediately bioavailable to the bloodstream. It is the most cellularly bioavailable form of zinc. Our liquid zinc copper is more effective and faster acting than capsules.

    Zinc supplements in tablet or capsule form require processing by the gut. Liquid form immediately begins absorption.