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Ionic Zinc Liquid Supplement

Size: 2 oz. - 240 Servings

Zinc is an essential trace mineral needed for every family member's health. Our liquid zinc is delivered in its natural ionic form, maintaining its active electrical charge. It is more effective than capsules due to its rapid and complete absorption into the bloodstream. Zinc supports immunity, thyroid health, metabolism, mood, digestion, growth, and development in children.

Size: 2 oz. - 240 Servings

  • Ionically Charged is the Form Cells Naturally Need

    The Zinc minerals maintain their natural electrical charge, allowing immediate bioavailability into the bloodstream and cells. This is the form nature intended.

    Zinc capsules or tablets need to be fully processed by the gut to have their electrical charge restored.

    Liquid Ionic Form is More Effective - Binds to Body's Bio-Water

    Other forms of zinc need to be digested, and their charge restored by the stomach – the body has to restore the charge before it can begin entering the bloodstream. The stomach must also breakdown, digest, and then assimilate the nutrients in a capsule. The liquid zinc bypasses this process and is immediately able to bind with the bio-water in the body ionically.

    The Best Zinc for the Entire Family

    Whether it is helping your children grow or keeping your mood uplifted and balanced – zinc is playing a part. It is involved in 300+ biological processes and needed at all ages.

    Zinc Serving Sizes Based on Age & Gender

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Vicky Hills
reasonable price * fast delivery * excellent eBay seller

reasonable price * fast delivery * excellent eBay seller

Narciso Grady
Liquid Zinckey Goodness

It's a great product, but I would mix it with water or juice. It doesn't taste directly on the tongue. I have been feeling good since using the product.

Jim Anderson
The BEST and purest product on Amazon

The bad taste is a good sign. It tastes terrible because it is so concentrated. Other brands dilute the zinc or add sweet stuff. Get this brand for best results. I add it to my water bottle. It really really works for bad breath and cleaning your mouth, too. My dentist noticed a difference. I just put 1 or 2 drops on my dry toothbrush (along with toothpaste, of course). Kills bacteria immediately.

Hilma Volkman
Shipped fast

Good product

Francesca Torphy
Helps me !

Being zinc deficient, this really helps bring my levels up and I don’t have to swallow a bunch of pills the drops are so much easier