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Selenium Liquid Concentrate (L-selenomethionine Form)

Size: 2 oz - 300 servings

Selenium is a crucial trace mineral that is commonly deficient in our diets. Our formulation is derived from the most effective L-selenomethionine form. The liquid concentrate provides versatile and convenient use; add a few drops to any beverage or meal for rapid nourishment.* Selenium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in a multitude of bodily functions. It is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that boosts immunity and keeps the body strong against illness. It is also shown to influence inflammation and increased glutathione levels – an essential nutrient within the body.

Size: 2 oz - 300 servings

  • The Most Effective Form of Selenium


    L-selenomethionine is an organic complex of selenium that is inherently bound with the natural amino acid L-methionine. It is the most absorbable form of selenium and has very high retention rates within the body - increasing overall selenium stored in tissue. It is shown to have very potent effects against unhealthy and mutating cells.

    Liquids are More Effective than Capsules

    The liquid form of selenium has a significantly higher absorption rate and overall effectiveness in comparison to capsules. The liquid form can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream sublingually - whereas capsules require breaking down and processing by the gut before entering the bloodstream.

    Ionically Charged is the Form Cells Naturally Need

    The selenium minerals maintain their natural electrical charge, allowing them to be immediately bioavailable to the bloodstream and cells. It's the form nature intended.