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Ionic Magnesium Liquid Supplement

Size: 8 fl oz. - 96 Servings

Our ionic Magnesium Chloride is the most effectively absorbed form of magnesium. It is 99.99% pure magnesium with picometer particle size and 60,000 PPM concentration. It's the same form found in raw vegetables.

Magnesium is arguably the most essential mineral for health. It is used in over 1,000 biological processes. It supports energy production, restful sleep, metabolism, muscle function, heart health, cell & DNA function, and supports mood/peace of mind*.

Size: 8 fl oz. - 96 Servings

  • Rapid & Instant Absorption, Picometer Particle Size

    Our Ionic Magnesium has over a 70% better absorption rate than magnesium delivered in capsules or tablets. It does not need to be processed by the gut and immediately begins to enter the bloodstream for cellular absorption.

    The average particle size is in the picometer-range, which is even smaller than the nano-range. It is reduced down to its most fundamental size. It's reduced to its most fundamental size, allowing for nearly instant absorption and assimilation by cells.

    The Same Form of Magnesium Found in Vegetables

    Magnesium Chloride is the same life-enriching form of magnesium found in fresh raw vegetables, yet, our liquid concentrate form is faster and more effectively absorbed.

    The Form Your Cells Need

    Highest and Fast Absorption

    The magnesium minerals maintain their natural electromagnetic charge, allowing them to be immediately bioavailable to the bloodstream and cells. The magnesium ions can bypass digestive processes and immediately begin nourishing the cells and body.

    The magnesium ions measure in the picometer size range, making the minerals immensely more effective.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Patricia Michaels
Don’t feel any different

Don’t feel any different taking this supplement.
But I feel good just taking something I know is good for the body. It’s only been a couple of weeks. I’ll give this a full 90 days and update accordingly. But as of date, no difference.

Aarynn Wills
One problem

Potassium Sorbate. A man made preservative relatively benign unless it interacts with Vitamin C at which point benzenes are created. Their ionic iron also contains this preservative. Most doctors would recommend taking iron with vitamin C. Buyer beware. WOuld not rebuy this unless they remove the potassium sorbate.


Product works great but taste awful .


I have been taking this for a few months and have noticed a positive health improvement. ❣️


I find this to be an excellent product. Have been taking for a year now.