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TQ-Advanced Black Seed Oil Capsules

Size: 60 Capsules – 60 Servings

TQ-Advanced® is a maximum strength black seed oil extract. The formula contains a concentration of 5% Thymoquinone, the active nutrient within Black Seed Oil. This is 3x to 10x higher Thymoquinone (TQ) levels than leading brands. Derived from the Nigella Sativa seed, TQ Advanced® supports a broad range of health benefits across the entire body. Black Seed Oil and Thymoquinone are shown to support brain health, liver function, joint functions, cardiovascular health, hair and skin health, digestion, and much more*.

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

  • Ultra High Strength

    The Thymoquinone Levels Are What Matter

    TQ-Advanced® is derived from the purest and most nutrient-dense black seeds (Nigella sativa). The special source of black seeds and cleanest and purest CO2 extraction allow us to provide the most nutrient-dense form of Black Seed Oil available, with 3x to 10x higher Thymoquinone concentrations.

    Thymoquinone is the active nutrient in Black Seed Oil that gives it such a broad range of health benefits.



    TQ-Advanced® delivers 5% higher concentrations of Thymoquinone, the active nutrient in Black Seed Oil. Thymoquinone is what gives Black Seed Oil its broad range of benefits.

    Cleanest & Purest Extraction Method

    Supercritical C02 Extract is the cleanest and most effective extraction method available. The cutting-edge and natural process allows us to achieve the highest concentration of bioactive nutrients.

    100% Raw Form from Nigella Sativa

    The oil extract is delivered in 100% raw form, maintaining the seed and oil’s full bioactive components.

    15:1 Extract for Max Concentration

    TQ-Advanced® is a 15:1 extract concentrate, meaning every 500 mg capsule is derived from 7.5 grams of Black Seed. This is how we achieve such a hyper concentration of essential nutrients such as Thymoquinone.

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Works but strong way and take a night


Gee Love

Whatever you do before you take them eat a sandwich or a bagel and a half or two. They may not bother your stomach but why take the chance? It is a terrible feeling and it lasts for a minute. You’ve been warned.

Connie Brown
BEST Black Seed Oil Capsules I’ve used! FAR SUPERIOR!

These are hands-down, the best Black Seed Oil capsules I’ve used. I have tried a couple of other brands, including the brand that is so popular out there, but is overloaded with omega, threes and six as disproportionately, to adversely affect your health. This brand by Triquetra is SUPERIOR to anything else I have found on the market. It has a higher concentration of Thymoquinone than almost all other brands, and therefore, produces results you can FEEL. After transitioning to this brand, my all over joint pain has decreased significantly, I have had a reduction in inflammation and bloating, and have had more consistent bowel movements. I’m very impressed with this product!

Joseph Metellus

TQ-Advanced Black Seed Oil Capsules

Titilope Okonkwo
Love black seed oil

I have been using black seed oil since I read about the worth of it in the Bible. It has so many good uses. I take it daily to help with heart health. I take this with food to avoid upset stomach or icky burps. Two month supply - one pill a day.