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Plant 5-HTP

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

Serotonin Synthesis Formula

  • Supports Mood, Cognition & Sleep*
  • Supports Production of Neurotransmitter Serotonin*
  • Serotonin regulates mood, known as your body's "feel good" chemical.
  • Serotonin plays a role in memory, learning speed & cognition.

Plant 5-HTP is the first organic 5-HTP formulation to support healthy serotonin levels by combining the purest, plant-based source 5-HTP plus the essential co-factors vitamin B6 and Lion's Mane mushroom. 5-HTP is the precursor to the neurotransmitter Serotonin and aids in its healthy production and synthesis.

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Size: 60 Capsules - 30 Servings

Unlock a happier, healthier you with Plant 5-HTP

The Purest And Most Concentrated Source Of Mood-Boosting 5-HTP

Plant 5-HTP is the purest and most concentrated source of 5-HTP available on the market. Its organic Griffonia Seeds and pure water extraction method provide a 99% purity and concentration of 5-HTP, compared to the top products containing only 10%. With added vitamin B6 and organic Lion's Mane, Plant 5-HTP supports mood, sleep, cognition, and relaxation. It may promote a calm and relaxed mood, improve sleep quality, and enhance mental cognition, providing a more positive outlook and greater appetite control.

At our company, we believe that what we put into our bodies matters, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to creating our supplements. Plant5-HTP is certified organic and sourced and manufactured in a CGMP lab in the USA ensuring the use of natural, chemical-free ingredients.

While our website provides information on our products, it is important to note that their efficacy has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. The information presented here is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from qualified healthcare practitioners. We strongly recommend consulting with your physician or healthcare professional before using any of our products, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking other medications that could potentially interact with them. Your safety and wellbeing are our top priority, and we want to ensure that you make informed decisions when it comes to your health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Paula Kenny

Plant 5-HTP

Energy All Day

I only take one pill and I can maintain energy all day, even those extended work days. My mood is consistently high and there's no crash.I checked and it doesn't raise my blood pressure. I love that this product is fully organic and vegan. Underrated supplement.

Dad sleeps through the night!

I've been giving these to my 69yo dad every night and now he sleeps through the whole night instead of getting up a few times to pee every night. He was having difficulty falling back to sleep after using the restroom. He takes them after he eats dinner every night and he goes right to sleep. He also used to always wake up at 7am, and now that he's retired he doesn't need to. After starting these, he wakes up at like 9-10am. He says he feels great but he's not sure there's much of a difference with his mood, he's generally a happy guy. I haven't personally taken them but I would absolutely recommend them just by the results we're seeing with my dad.He doesn't take any other medications so I mean you might want to consult with your doctor if you're mixing meds.10/10

I sleep so much better!

I have been using this product for about a week, and I noticed two things: one, I feel like I get a deeper sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time, and two, I find that I crave water. I am not a huge fan of drinking water, and sometimes did not drink any water during the day. Now, I am drinking at least four glasses of water a day because I crave it, and not because it is handy.

Definitely helps with anxiety

Works great