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SoActive CoQ10

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

Next Generation CoQ10 Phytosome

SoActive® Berberine leverages phytosome technology to provide the most biologically active and effective form of CoQ10. Clinical studies showed 9x higher absorption than standard CoQ10, double circulating CoQ10 levels in 2 weeks delivering CoQ10 to its target destination, the cells. It supports cell bioenergetics, raising energy levels, improving athletic performance, slowing aging and improving heart health.

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

  • Proven to Double Circulating CoQ10 Levels in 2 Weeks

    In clinical trials, our CoQ10 phytosome was shown to double circulating CoQ10 levels within 2 weeks.

    14X Higher Intestinal Solubility

    CoQ10 must be absorbed through intestinal walls. Standard CoQ10 has terrible absorption because it is not soluble (dissolves) within the intestines. In clinical study, our CoQ10 phytosome was shown to have 14X higher intestinal solubility compared to standard CoQ10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Hulda Pollich
The best!

This product works great!

Jerad Durgan
Nice quality product

Good ingredients and a decent price.

Stanton Ruecker
I have taken many but this is the best!! I am so grateful!!

I have taken many but this is the best!! I am so grateful!!

Titilayo Peter
in glass jar

glass jar, price

Lola Murray
great Product

My husband says out of all the different brands of CoQ10 he has taken over the years this is by far the best. He has been taking it now for about 3 weeks and says he can really tell the difference and has asked me to re-order him some more of this brand.