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Ionic Nascent Iodine Liquid Supplement

Size: 2 oz. - 400 Servings

Iodine is an essential trace mineral we all need. Iodine deficiency contributes to thyroid issues, slow metabolism, low energy, hormone imbalance, and reduced cognitive function. Our nascent iodine concentrate is the optimal form immediately recognized and absorbed by the body. It maintains its natural ionic charge and is iodine in its highest energy state.

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Size: 2 oz. - 400 Servings

  • The Form Your Cells Need - Ionically Charged Nascent

    The body most easily absorbs and uses the nascent form of ionically-charged iodine. This form of iodine is in its highest energetic-state and maintains its natural negative electromagnetic charge, allowing it to bond easily and absorb into cells and the body.

    Nascent iodine is a form of iodine immediately recognized, absorbed, and utilized by the body. It is a single iodine molecule with an incomplete electron shell – this leaves the iodine in its highest energetic ionic state, allowing for effortless bonding in the body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
The MOST effective iodine!!!

Purest and most effective form of iodine at the best price.

S Curtis

I am approaching 40 with two very young children at home. I have tried everything lately to try to get my energy and focus back. I think this has helped.

Fatima Adeniyan
Just as advertised

Seem to work well at supercharging your Iodine levels in your body fast

Kelsie Daniel
Health protection it provides

Thyroid protection and it helps my immune system.

Willis Keeling
Hardly any taste or color - (REVIEW UPDATED)

The dosage on here must be wrong or something because it says it has 1800*400= 720,000 mcg of iodine which is alot but the liquid is near colorless near tasteless and I hardly notice any effect from it at all so I am going to be returning this iodine and getting a different brand...EDIT: I kept trying it because it seemed to be doing something and I think its working actually so Im changing to a 5 star, Idk if it has the total of 720,000 mcg but it still seems to have roughly the same amount as other competitors, it is a 2OZ bottle so it might be half dilute or something but the effect seems to be the same =)