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Vitamin D is one of the only Vitamins that our bodies naturally produce. During sun exposure, the ultraviolet rays are absorbed in our skin, which eventually metabolizes into our liver, kidneys, and small intestines to create Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for our bone, heart, immune health, and overall mood. It is common to find that people that live in areas that experience harsh winters or a populous city are Vitamin D deficient. Vegans and people that do not eat dairy are also at risk of being Vitamin D deficient.
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Plant D3 is a Sun-grown alga and is a great liquid supplement for Vitamin D. The liquid form has a mild to nonexistent taste. Studies have shown that it has higher absorption than traditional oral capsules of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for overall health and well-being. It helps maintain bone, heart, and mental health, and many people do not get enough. Adding a few drops of this helps guarantee you are receiving this essential vitamin.