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Plant D3 Sunshine Smoothie

When is the best time to drink a smoothie?

ANYTIME! Smoothies are perfect for breakfast, as a pre or post-workout snack, lunch, or even just a quick pick-me-up. This Sunshine Smoothie is packed with Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron, and helps to maintain good bone health, mental well-being, and overall energy. It is also sweet enough that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy it! 

Why It Is Awesome

I have never understood why some believe that healthy food is too difficult or doesn’t taste good. I would like for them to try this smoothie and stick to that statement. Imagine if an orange creamsicle and a smoothie had a baby…it would be this. I know, I know… I may be a bit hyperbolic, but you have to give it a try. 

The Health Benefits of This Smoothie

Beyond being delicious, this smoothie is packed with an insane amount of health benefits. It has zero added sugars and is dairy-free. It is also 100% plant-based, depending on your protein powder choice. 

Plant D3 is a Sun-grown alga and is a great liquid supplement for Vitamin D. The liquid form has a mild to nonexistent taste. Studies have shown that it has higher absorption than traditional oral capsules of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for overall health and well-being. It helps maintain bone, heart, and mental health, and many people do not get enough. Adding a few drops of this helps guarantee you are receiving this essential vitamin. 

The oranges are packed with Vitamin C, which helps you absorb the iron from the spinach. It is also high in fiber (which keeps everything run smoothly), potassium, and other essential vitamins. 

Sunshine Smoothie 


  • 1 cup of spinach 
  • ½  banana 
  • 2 oranges 
  • ½ cup of vanilla almond milk 
  • 1 scoop of plant-based vanilla protein 
  • 6 drops of Triquetra Health Plant D3 


Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy!