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Banned Ingredient List

Ingredients that will never be in our products, but not limited to:

An artificial sweetener that has been linked to blood sugar and insulin issues.

An artificial sweetener that has been linked to blood sugar and insulin issues.

A list of 200 ingredients banned by the international athletic federations. These are substances that will disqualify an athlete to competition.

Artificial preservatives that can be carcinogenic.

Artificial preservatives that can be carcinogenic.

An artificial antioxidant preservative that accumulates in organs such as the liver.

A plasticizer that mimics estrogen in the body that can disrupt hormones. It can also influence fetal development.

A red dye made from insects that can cause allergic reactions.

Artificial sweeteners. Studies have associated them with bladder and testicular issues.

Artificial vanilla flavor. It is manufactured from petrochemicals and has been reported to cause allergic reactions and headaches in sensitive individuals.

Used to sterilize food, botanicals, and spices. It is classified as a carcinogen.

Artificial colors and dyes.

Used as sweeteners and preservatives and are toxic. They are toxic to the liver, kidney, and nervous system.

Contained in wheat, rye, and barley. It is an allergen associated with celiac disease.

A sweetener made from corn starch that can contribute to metabolic issues, inflammation, and liver issues.

These are oils often used as fillers in softgels. These contain trans-fats associated with metabolic issues, inflammation, and disease.

Used to sterilize foods and botanicals. There are no long-term studies on its safety.

Among the eight most common allergens that can cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

Coating on tablets. It is often contaminated with carcinogens.

A synthetic preservative that is a carcinogen.

An artificial sweetener that has been linked to cancer.

An artificial preservative that is carcinogenic.

Sugar alcohol used as a sweetener that causes gastrointestinal issues.

Manufacturing aids that can inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

An artificial sweetener linked to cancer and gut flora issues.

Preservatives that can cause severe asthmatic reactions in sulfite-sensitive individuals.

Artificial vanilla flavor generally derived from petrochemicals. It can trigger GI issues and migraines.

A synthetic antioxidant related to BHA and BHT. It is neurotoxic.

A metallic colorant that makes ingredients white. It has been classified as a carcinogen.