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Detoxifying Wheatgrass Superfood Smoothie

We always preach the simplicity and benefits of good ole' fashion smoothies, and this one will not disappoint. Beyond being delicious and filling, a wholesome host of health benefits complete this smoothie! This superfood detoxifying smoothie is the perfect way to balance your body's pH and protect and preserve the cells naturally while boosting the immune system, ridding your stored toxins, cleansing your liver, and aiding in digestive health.

The Benefit of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass juice has been traced back at least 5000 years. The Egyptians were known to think of the young grass shoot as sacred and consumed it for its health benefits. They were not wrong. Science has proven that wheatgrass is a complete superfood and provides the body with the nutrients it needs and removes wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissues, and organs. 

Wheatgrass Creates An Alkaline Environment 

Life on earth lives and dies by pH balance and an alkaline environment. For example, since the industrial revolution, the pH balance of the ocean has gone down because of increasing Carbon Dioxide deposition. This has caused a ripple of negative impacts and may ultimately destroy the coral reef. 

Our body, much like the ocean, needs to live in balance with a tightly controlled pH balance of around 7.35 to survive. Once our body experiences an extended imbalance, it can allow disease, viruses, and bacteria to take hold.[1]

Leafy greens are a well-known way to boost your body's alkalinity, and wheatgrass is the complete package. Wheatgrass juice and its chlorophyll concentration have been shown to naturally balance the body's pH and protect cells. The pH (hydrogen molecules) value of human blood and Wheatgrass is about 7 (alkaline), which makes it an optimal superfood for balancing your body’s pH levels.[2] Wheatgrass also exhibits high antioxidant capacity, which helps lower oxidation (free radical damage), and protects and preserves cells. 

Wheatgrass Detoxifies The Liver  

The liver is the body's largest solid organ and critical for your health and wellness. Good health is impossible without a properly functioning liver. 

The liver is one busy organ. Yet, in many ways, we take all of its critical functions for granted, including blood detoxification and purification and metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Detoxifying the liver can provide many health benefits, including:

☑ Boost in energy

☑ Immune system boost

☑ Weight loss aid

☑ Cleanse out excess waste

Four easy ways to detoxify the liver:

1) Eat anti-inflammatory foods -Eating organic anti-inflammatory foods such as berries, leafy greens, beans, and mushrooms are rich in water, oxygen, and nutrients which our cells depend on to maintain all their function.

2) Remove toxins from the body -This is usually the part of liver detoxification that people are never too pumped about, but it is critical and not that bad. We promise! One proven way to cleanse the toxins in the body is using wheatgrass powder. The nutrients in wheatgrass, such as chlorophyll, aid the body in ridding stored toxins and impurities. Wheatgrass can also increase the body's glutathione levels which support liver cleansing.

3) Don't skip on your sleep - We are finally beginning to understand why the human body needs eight hours of sleep a night- rest is detoxifying! Sleep helps regulate the metabolism, targeting the brain and neurological toxins and moving them out of the liver. 

Sleep helps redirect the body's energy towards processing, healing, restoring, and detoxifying. 

4) Give your digestive system some help -The digestive system cleanses the body of toxins as well, and the more effective it is at ridding the body of toxins, the less work the liver will have to do. Probiotics are critical for digestive health. These tiny beneficial bacteria get right to work, shifting the balance of power in the gut.

Detoxifying Wheatgrass Superfood Smoothie Recipe 


¼ avocado 

¼ dragon fruit 

¼ papaya 

1 scoop of Triquetra Health Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder

1 cup of dairy-free milk or water


Blend everything until smooth. Add more liquid, one tablespoon at a time, until you have your desired consistency. Enjoy!

Tip: I add the rest of the avocados, dragon fruit, papaya to a gallon-sized freezer bag for future smoothies.