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  • Ultra High Strength

    The Thymoquinone Levels Are What Matter

    TQ-Advanced® is derived from the purest and most nutrient-dense black seeds (Nigella sativa). The special source of black seeds and cleanest and purest CO2 extraction allow us to provide the most nutrient-dense form of Black Seed Oil available, with 3x to 10x higher Thymoquinone concentrations.

    Thymoquinone is the active nutrient in Black Seed Oil that gives it such a broad range of health benefits.



    TQ-Advanced® delivers 5% higher concentrations of Thymoquinone, the active nutrient in Black Seed Oil. Thymoquinone is what gives Black Seed Oil its broad range of benefits.

    Cleanest & Purest Extraction Method

    Supercritical C02 Extract is the cleanest and most effective extraction method available. The cutting-edge and natural process allows us to achieve the highest concentration of bioactive nutrients.

    100% Raw Form from Nigella Sativa

    The oil extract is delivered in 100% raw form, maintaining the seed and oil’s full bioactive components.

    15:1 Extract for Max Concentration

    TQ-Advanced® is a 15:1 extract concentrate, meaning every 500 mg capsule is derived from 7.5 grams of Black Seed. This is how we achieve such a hyper concentration of essential nutrients such as Thymoquinone.

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