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  • Highest Concentration of Thymoquinone

    100 mg Thymoquinone Per Capsule

    Thymoquinone is the primary active nutrient in Black Seed Oil, which gives it such a broad range of potent health benefits.



    TQ-Advanced® 4X delivers 20% higher concentrations of Thymoquinone, the active nutrient in Black Seed Oil. Thymoquinone is what gives Black Seed Oil its broad range of benefits.

    Cleanest Raw Form Extraction Method

    Our black seed oil is extracted using a patented CO2 extraction method that delivers the powder in raw form. This is the cleanest and purest, low-temperature extraction method.

    100% Naturally Occurring TQ from Nigella Sativa

    All Thymoquinone content is 100% naturally occurring and derived from the most nutrient-dense nigella sativa seed.

    Ultra High Strength

    The Thymoquinone Levels Are What Matter

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