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  • True Bioactive Colloidal Silver

    Colloidal Silver is pure, metallic silver, in particles of 15 atoms or fewer. The particles are electrically charged and extremely small. They organize into nanoclusters that range from 1-15 nanometers in size. The silver is suspended in 100% pharmaceutical grade water, with zero additional additives.

    Pure Positively Charged Silver Ions

    Our formulation is 99% positively charged silver ions. Silver is only effective if it has a positive net charge. The charge is what makes the colloidal silver “BioActive” and delivers a positive impact to the body.

    Safe & Effective 30 PPM With Less Daily Doses

    Many brands sell 10 PPM concentrations, which require you to take 6 doses daily to reach the recommended intake of 300 mcg. The 30 PPM concentration allows you to take less daily doses compared to 10 PPM concentrations with the same impact and effectiveness.

    100% Safe & Effective Doses

    The EPA has established a daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD) of 350 micrograms (mcg). Based on their guidelines, you could safely take our product 2 times per day for the next 70 years.

    Packaged in Non-Leaching Amber Glass

    Colloidal silver should be packaged in glass bottles because plastic bottles pose the risk of leaching toxins into the silver, which in turn ends up in your body.

    The amber glass bottle preserves the perfect purity of our colloidal silver.

    Silver is a Natural Element Found in Various Foods

    Many newcomers to silver do not realize it is a natural element commonly found in various “superfood” sources.

    It can be found in various mushroom species, mammalian milk, and different whole grains.

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