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  • The Gold Standard in Rhodiola Rosea

    Siberian Rhodiola is the premium standard Rhodiola Rosea extract. It was formulated to have the highest effectiveness and derived from the best Rhodiola extract in the world. Our Siberian Rhodiola® contains the highest concentration of active nutrients, rosavins and salidrosides. These nutrients are what give Rhodiola its potent adaptogenic effects.

    Maximum Strength Whole Plant Synergy

    Siberian Rhodiola is the most potent Rhodiola Rosea available. It contains the perfect ratio of salidroside to Rosavins. Studies have shown that Rhodiola containing only rosavins or salidrosides did not perform as well as extracts in “whole-plant” form containing both nutrients. It shows both nutrients are synergistic, and the best results come from both in an optimal ratio.

    Grown in its Natural Habitat of Siberia

    The Best in the World

    Our Rhodiola is grown in its natural and original habitat of the Altai region of Siberia. The harsh climates cause the Rhodiola plant to “adapt” to the environmental stress and produce higher levels of key nutrients to protect itself.

    Rosavin and salidroside, the same nutrients that enhance the Rhodiola’s ability to respond to environmental stress - increase your body’s ability to respond to environmental stress.

    Perfect Synergy with a 5:2 Nutrient Ratio

    Clinical research has shown the active nutrient, Rosavins and Salidrosides are synergistic in nature and are more effective when taken together in a balanced 5:2 ratio.

    DNA Verified Rhodiola Rosea Species

    Our Siberian Rhodiola® Rosea is DNA verified to ensure it is truly the Siberian region's Rhodiola Rosea species. Many products claim to be Rhodiola Rosea but are, in fact, other inferior species of Rhodiola from China.

    BioPerine® Black Pepper Enhanced Absorption

    The overall absorption is rapidly enhanced with the clinically proven BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract. BioPerine® triggers a metabolic process called thermogenesis, enhancing the body's ability to absorb, utilize, and distribute nutrients.

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