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They both were shown to have equal effectiveness in nasal sanitation. Both eliminated 99% of pathogens within the nose. If you contact us directly we are happy to provide you with a recent study on both Potassium Iodine and use as a nasal antiseptic.

There are about 150 uses per bottle.

Yes, it is clear. And it is gentle on the nose and nasal mucosa.

Our products are manufactured in Utah. It is 100% USA-made.

We recommend using Nasomin directly after potentially coming into contact with germs. Germs begin in the nasal cavity and multiply. Much like hand sanitizer, killing them on contact will prevent them from festering and turning into a cold or bug.

You insert the spray cap ½ inch into the nostril. Using two fingers on the pump and pump two full sprays into the nostril. Rinse the tip under warm water and store.

It is a 1% concentration of Iodine.

All of Triquetra’s products are quarantined and 3rd party tested before ever being shipped out. After production is complete, the finished bottles are placed in a quarantine for 10 to 14 days. During this time, the products are tested in a 3rd party laboratory. The products must pass all testing before being shipped to our fulfillment center.

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