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It is recommended to take 2 daily servings of 15 drops, which is 30 mg of iron per serving. Continue this for about 4 weeks, and then move to 1 serving of 15 drops daily. We highly recommend adding the drops to orange juice to improve absorption.

The concentration is 40,000 PPM.

It has approximately a 40% absorption rate but can be much higher if taken to enhance absorption. We highly recommend taking it with orange juice or vitamin c, and on an empty stomach as it dramatically enhances absorption. If you have stomach discomfort - it is ok to take with food.

No, it does not.

A 6-drop serving is equal to 7 mg of iron, which is 39% of the recommended daily intake.

Yes, it is free of gluten, soy and corn.

There are approximately 2360 milligrams per bottle. The bottle contains around 236 servings, and there is 10 mg per 5-drops serving.

The iron (all of our liquid minerals) are produced in a completely separate manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. The grasses are produced in Utah. The liquid minerals and green powders are also stored in different warehouses.

Our liquid mineral manufacturing facility only produces Ionic liquid minerals. There is not a single product in the facility that is in any way related to gluten.

The facility is also cGMP certified, and FDA audited and approved. This means that by law, we adhere to the highest quality control standards, including handling of ingredients, 3rd-party testing, and cleaning of all equipment. 3rd parties continually audit all our facilities.

Yes, it is safe to take the iron without liquids. If you take drops directly on the tongue or sublingually, we recommend following with water or juice because the liquid minerals are absorbed into the body better with water.

If you notice any stomach discomfort as you increase the number of drops added to your tongue, consider taking with a small amount of food. People with sensitive stomachs sometimes need a small amount of food, but only in some instances. Ultimately taking without food also increases absorption.

If your stomach hurts from taking both the iron and zinc, it is imperative to take it with food. The iron and zinc will have adverse effects on an empty or somewhat empty stomach. You must take both with food.

These stomach issues occur because the liquid minerals absorb so fast into the body. The stomach needs the presence of food to process the minerals without upsetting your stomach.

If you have been taking the product with food, you may want to consider lowering the dose.

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