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  • Prebiotics

    They act as “food” or “energy” that promotes the growth and health of good bacteria.


    The probiotics populate the gut and digestive system with a health-enriching bacteria population.


    These are the nutrient by-products that probiotics produce to deliver tangible health benefits. They also enhance prebiotic use and probiotic growth in the gut.

    Using nature’s own synthesis process of fermentation, 10 probiotic cultures and 19 herbs coherently produce a perfectly balanced microbiome & living ecosystem.

    We Use Science to Replicate Nature's Perfect Gut Processes

    Every moment of every day, your gut is in the process of fermentation. Digestion is fermentation, and healthy fermentation requires good bacteria (probiotics), energy sources (prebiotics), and building blocks (postbiotics). And all of this is a living and breathing ecosystem.

    Using 19 medicinal herbs, 10 live-culture strains, and a 3 stage fermentation process – Flora Biome is created through the same natural fermentation process – and transforms into a living, balanced ecosystem that replicates a healthy gut.

    19 Fermented Organic Herbs

    Soothes the stomach and promotes overall gut balance, and is shown to support mood & immunity.

    An antioxidant that relieves gut discomfort and promotes healthy blood sugar levels and heart health.

    Improves mood & cognition and supports healthy blood pressure.

    Promotes relaxation and supports blood sugar regulation and inflammation.

    Aids in digestion and supports healthy respiratory function & blood pressure.

    Shown to support overall heart health and provide relief from cramps and menstrual discomfort.

    Shown to boost overall immunity and immune response.

    Can aid in regulating appetite, supports heart health and long-term mental function.

    Supports healthy hormone production and aids in lowering inflammation and cholesterol. Fenugreek is also shown to support healthy blood sugar and appetite regulation.

    Potent antioxidant that restores balance to the gut and provides relief to stomach discomfort.

    Supports a healthy heart and blood sugar. Juniper also has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Aids in digestion, supports gut balance, and is shown to reduce inflammation that may affect the gut.

    Aids in stress reduction and supports lowering inflammation and healthy blood pressure levels.

    Rich in antioxidants, a potent immune booster and shown to decrease inflammation.

    Supports cardiovascular & kidney health plus improves blood sugar levels.

    Supports healthy digestion and provides gut relief and balance.

    Supports healthy immunity, circulation, and mental performance.

    Supports healthy cognitive function, blood sugar & cholesterol levels.

    Supports healthy immunity, blood pressure, and overall mood.

    10 Live-Culture Strains

    An essential component of a healthy gut microbiome that relieves various gut discomforts such as bloating and bowel movement problems. Supports healthy immunity, digestion, weight management & vaginal health in women.*

    One of the most common probiotics found in your gut that has naturally lived there since you were an infant. This strain supports digestion, immunity & lactose digestion.

    Known for protecting your intestinal walls from harmful bacteria by helping your body break down proteins and carbohydrates like lactose. Supports digestion, immunity, healthy bowel movements, and lower stress levels.

    Helps the body absorb nutrients, digest dairy, support the body’s immune system, balance the microbiome, and reduce gastrointestinal problems. Studies have suggested this species plays a role in supporting vaginal and immune health*.

    Enhances the overall composition of microbiome. Shown to relieve gastrointestinal issues like constipation & diarrhea, improves mood & lowers stress, enhances immunity, reduces gut-related inflammation, and supports a healthy weight.

    Found naturally in your body and can become depleted when your microbiome is out of sync. Supports digestive health, immunity, weight management & women’s health.*

    Assists in the the prevention and reduction of gastrointestinal inflammation associated with a variety of gut issues. Shown to support immunity and provides relief from allergies.

    Supports overall microbiome diversity and is shown to aid in immunity and the reduction of gut-related inflammation.

    Supports a healthy overall microbiome and is shown to aid in counteracting “unhealthy” bacteria and relieve gastrointestinal-related discomforts.

    Supports overall digestion, nutrient absorption, fights off “unhealthy” bacteria that can cause various gastrointestinal issues, and promotes digestion of lactose.

    How to Get Your Gut & Health Back On Track

    We have a simple plan that will guide you in restoring inner gut vitality.

    Promotes Bacterial Diversity with Micro-Strains

    Not only does each serving contain 50 billion CFUs of the 10 fundamental strains - but Flora Biome also contains a multitude of micro-strains that emerge from the fermentation of each herb. This bacterial diversity is just like nature and is essential to a microbiome that requires thousands of good bacteria strains.

    Fermentation Perfectly Preserves Living Probiotics

    Many probiotics begin to die off while they are sitting in the bottle on the shelf. Flora Biome is 100% shelf-stable at room temperature. The natural lactic acid produced in fermentation perfectly preserves the live-culture probiotics.

    Nature's Acid Resistant Delivery System

    The low pH of the fermented liquid is nature's perfect acid-resistant delivery system, delivering the probiotics not only to the lower intestine but the entire gut system. It perfectly preserves the probiotics up until the point they are ready to populate your gut.

    End-Stage Metabolites (Postbiotics) from Fermentation

    Did you know the primary goal of probiotics is to produce postbiotics in your body? These are the health-enriching byproducts of probiotics. The fermentation process actually produces these postbiotics - so when you drink Flora Biome - you instantly obtain these health-enriching postbiotics.

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