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  • We extract the beetroot's active nutrients, producing the most potent possible form as a 21:1 extract.
    This means a 1350 mg serving of BioBeet® is derived from 28,350 mg of fresh organic beetroot.

    The Most Potent form of Beetroot

    Nearly all encapsulated beetroot capsules are 1:1 beetroot powders. This means they are beets ground up into powder, dehydrated, and placed into capsules.

    BioBeet®, on the other hand, is a 21:1 concentrate; we extract the key elements out of the beetroot into their most concentrated form.

    Organically Grown & Extracted in the USA

    Our beet extract is organically grown, harvested, and extracted in the United States. Our farms adhere to the highest organic farming standards, and our beetroot extract is USDA Organic Certified.

    Delivered in Raw Form with BioActive Dehydration

    The beet extract is cold-press extracted and CO2 dried. It's never exposed to any heat in a cutting edge BioActive Dehydration process. This preserves the full enzymatic activity and provides beet extract in 100% raw form.

    Enhanced Absorption with BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract

    Our formulation includes 5mg of BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract per serving, dramatically enhancing the nutrients' absorption and overall bioavailability.

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