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  • Withanolides are the active nutrient that provides ashwagandha its potent adaptogenic properties.

    Full Spectrum of Bioactive Withanolides

    Ashwa-70 contains 21 different identified bioactive withanolides, making it the most full-spectrum ashwagandha.

    Ashwa-70 Delivers Max Potency

    Ashwa-70 is formulated with Shoden Ashwagandha Extract, which has the industry's highest withanolides concentration at 35%. The closest competing ashwagandha source only contains a 5% withanolides concentration.

    Each capsule of Ashwa-70 delivers 70 mg of withanolides. The chart below compares the withanolide concentration per serving of the closest competing brands.

    Maximum Bioavailability

    Shown to have 13 times higher bioavailability, compared to 2 leading aschwagandha brands, as measured by withanolides' blood plasma levels.

    BioPerine® Absorption Enhancement

    BioPerine® black pepper extract is added to the formulation to enhance absorption further. BioPerine® is clinically shown to improve overall nutrient absorption and assimilation dramatically.

    Extended-Release in Bloodstream

    Withanolides are measured in blood plasma for over 24 hours, showing optimal extended-release properties.

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