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Triquetra means the “three-fold” in Greek, it represents the Law of Three which is at work throughout our universe and can be found within the sciences, religions and schools of thought. Philosophically, the Law of Three applies directly to the process of change and growth and at Triquetra, we believe this law should be applied to our health.

How does the Law of Three apply to health?
  • The first element is the goal you aspire for - ultimately all our health pursuits should be visualizations of the highest order. The best versions of you and your bodily health.
  • The second element is the obstacle in your way. This can be an imbalance or nutritional deficiency in your body.
  • The third force is the catalyst or driving force of change. It is the new force that helps overcome or eliminate the obstacle and drives you towards the goal.

Triquetra strives to be the third force for individuals and our holistic approach to health is about caring for the whole person, and focusing on the unique individual needs of each person and their well-being. With every dimension of a human and their health being distinctive, unique and most importantly… Interconnected. No disorder, deficiency or imbalance is isolated and without seeing and addressing the whole picture, we can simply create a new imbalance, which is what often happens with pharmaceutical drugs.