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Does it sometimes feel like things go into overdrive once Monday hits and don’t slow down until Friday? Thinking through what to eat and simply finding time to eat sometimes feels like it is too much? Yeah, me too. 

Eating healthy, delicious, and wholesome meals can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Having a few go-to recipes that you can make over the weekend and grab throughout the week makes everything a little easier. This Spirulina Blueberry muffin recipe is a new go-to recipe in our house. Even our toddler loves them… trust me, that is a win. These muffins are packed with protein to help keep you full longer, fiber to help your digestive health, and gluten-free. No part of me feels like I am sacrificing taste for health benefits. Here at Triquetra, one of our core staples is harmony. We believe that delicious and healthy food can live together in our bodies. 

Even though these may not have been commonly known five years ago, they both have been gaining popularity. With their similarities comes the constant debate on which one is better than the other, but in our opinion there is room in your diet for both and they actually compliment each other nicely. This article will help break down the similarities and differences between the two as well as give you a nutrient packed smoothie recipe that marries both super greens. 

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