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Ionic Magnesium Oil Spray

Size: 12 fl. Oz - 9 Month Supply

Our Ionic Magnesium Oil Spray can reduce stress and calm your nerves. It also aids in muscle and joint recovery, relieves headaches, soothes cramps & restless legs, and provides a restful night sleep. 100% USP Grade Magnesium Oil. Sourced from pre-historic salt beds and taken through a 12 point extraction and purification process. 2,880 full sprays per bottle with 4 sprays providing 50 mg of Elemental Magnesium.

Size: 12 fl. Oz - 9 Month Supply

  • Rapid Transdermal Absorption

    Our Ionic Magnesium Oil rapidly nourishes and revitalizes the body at the cellular level, bypassing the stomach and entering the body through the “Dermis” or skin. This avoids processing by the liver, and near-instantly delivers magnesium to localized regions of the body. This is shown to be a highly effective method of delivering magnesium into your system quickly.

    Picometer Particle Size

    The average particle size is in the picometer-range, which is even smaller than the nano-range. It is reduced down to its most fundamental size. This allows for nearly instant absorption and assimilation by cells.

    Perfectly Purified Ancient Elemental Magnesium

    Our Magnesium Oil begins in the pre-historic salt beds of Utah. This ancient reserve provides an abundant source of pure ionically-charged Magnesium Chloride.

    Using a cutting edge 12-point excavation & purification process, we provide this ancient earth-mineral in its most purified ionic form. Every batch is 3rd-party lab-tested to ensure absolute purity.