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We Help People Reclaim Their Gut Microbiome Health


Flora Biome has been a complete game changer for my life. As an active, working busy mother with gut issues and food intolerance, my digestive health is a source of stress and pain in my life. I gave up gluten in a hope to heal my leaky gut four years ago and even though it has helped, I still don't feel as if I have health bowel movements and this can sometimes lead to abdominal pain and bloating.

Flora Biome has changed all of this for me. It took about three days for me to begin to feel the difference. It began with feeling more energized and then I started being more regular. I feel all around more clear headed, energized and less bloated. I am in love with this product and even enjoy the taste.

I add mine to water with some lemon and it tastes like a cider.


Completely eliminated my bloating I would always get after eating. Tried quit a few probiotics, nothing has been so effective and especially so quickly.

I also am not getting heart burn anymore, the last time I had heart burn was after 2 days of not taking this because of traveling.

Nancy & Tom

We feel amazing since we started taking Flora Biome. I noticed less bloating within a few days and my husband is noticing higher energy levels.

The fermneted taste to a few times to get used to - but now I look forward to it!


I literally notice the days I dont take it vs the days I do. Way less tired after eating and just feel all around good! Taste is very distinct and herbal, surprises you the first time you take it - but I love the taste at this point.

Will take a few small swigs a day now which is best for me.


I have gallbladder issues that come from my gut. It would turn into literal pain I would experience in my gallbladder.

Since taking Flora Biome the pain is completely gone and I have way more energy and just feel better. On my third bottle, love this stuff!


After a few days of taking this I feel amazing. I can feel the vitality in my body. I have no more bloating and seems my digestion has significantly improved. Im a very healthy person and started taking this because I want to only use the best products, and this is hands down best probiotic I have taken.


Feel great! Definitely a difference you can feel. The taste is strong and unique, very herbal and tastes like other fermented things. But I have grown to really like the taste. 5 out 5.


Great probiotic that I highly recommend. Took a few days to adjust to the taste but my digestion and bloating has improves since started taking it. Also notice more energy.


I could drink this stuff all day, seriously :) I love the taste, notice a huge difference as soon as I take it. You can actually feel it working... I did a 3 day reset and went through 1 bottle in 3 days and then just take it regularly after that.

I highly recommend the reset for anyone with a out of sync digestive system, completely reset me and i feel great.


I really really love this product. I started taking after my husband brought it home and it makes me feel great. It is the first probiotic I have taken that you can actually really feel the difference after taking it.


I noticed the benefits within a few days of taking. I have bad bloating, really uncomfotable at times. After a week I am not getting bloated after eating. I love the product.