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  • We extract Black Elderberry’s active nutrients into its most potent possible form as a 65:1 concentrate. This means a 400 mg serving of our Elderberry equals 26,000 mg of fresh organic Black Elderberries.

    The Most Potent Elderberry

    When it comes to elderberry - The true gauge of strength is based on how much fresh elderberry goes into each serving. As you can see from the chart below, we deliver the highest concentration of elderberry available.

    Organically Grown in Europe

    Our Elderberry Extract starts in Europe’s native habitat, where it is organically grown following the most rigid organic quality standards.

    Enhanced Absorption with Prebiotics

    Sunfiber®, a prebiotic, soluble dietary fiber, has synergistic effects on digestibility to enhance nutrient absorption.

    Raw Form for Maximum Nutrient Activity

    Using a patented low-temperature extraction process, we perfectly preserve the polyphenols’ nutrient activity, density, and flavonoids.

    Solvent-Free Extraction for Maximum Nutrient Density

    Our Elderberry is extracted using a mechanical solvent-free extraction method. This chemical-free method preserves and maximizes all nutrients and bioactives.

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