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TQ-Advanced® 4X Black Seed Extract Capsules

Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

Standardized to 20% Thymoquinone

TQ-Advanced 4X is a maximum strength Black Seed Extract with 20% Thymoquinone (TQ) concentrations and 100 mg of Thymoquinone per capsule. TQ is the active nutrient within Black Seed Oil (nigella sativa). This nutrient is widely studied and shown to have potent therapeutic and health benefits. Thymoquinone has one of the broadest numbers of powerful health benefits. It is shown to support immunity, heart health, joint function, hair & skin, digestion, liver health, brain health & function, pain relief, and weight loss.*

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Size: 60 Capsules - 60 Servings

  • Highest Concentration of Thymoquinone

    100 mg Thymoquinone Per Capsule

    Thymoquinone is the primary active nutrient in Black Seed Oil, which gives it such a broad range of potent health benefits.



    TQ-Advanced® 4X delivers 20% higher concentrations of Thymoquinone, the active nutrient in Black Seed Oil. Thymoquinone is what gives Black Seed Oil its broad range of benefits.

    Cleanest Raw Form Extraction Method

    Our black seed oil is extracted using a patented CO2 extraction method that delivers the powder in raw form. This is the cleanest and purest, low-temperature extraction method.

    100% Naturally Occurring TQ from Nigella Sativa

    All Thymoquinone content is 100% naturally occurring and derived from the most nutrient-dense nigella sativa seed.

    Ultra High Strength

    The Thymoquinone Levels Are What Matter

Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Good results with Prostate Cancer and inflammation

A family member uses this as part of their active surveillance protocol for prostate cancer and eve since using this his PSA has remained exceptionally stable and he has also experienced great results in reducing inflammation.

There was a great invivo study on rats where it was shown thymoquinone can hinder growth/progression of prostate cancer and based on the high-dose on this supplement and it's CO2 extraction I feel that this is part of the reason we're getting outstanding healing results.

It's also great at killing viruses and enhancing the gut microbiome for better immunity

Great quality supplement overall!

Wishing everyone healing on their journey!!

He also takes prostaphane, grapeseed extract (terry naturally), modified citrus pectin (pectasol c), pomi t, berberine, metformin, statins , curcumin, vitamin d and several other supplements too

Carl Lopez
Great product.

I like all the health benefits Black Seed Oil has to Ofer.

Ryan Boyd
Cured me!

So I was pretty skeptical at first, but not so skeptical, as to not try it. I had these three cysts on the side of my neck. I was going to need surgery to remove them. After taking the black seed extract for only a week and a half the cysts are gone. I felt noticeably different for the first few days and it was like an over night transformation when I noticed that the lumps in my neck were shrinking at a very fast pace. Here it is 2 weeks later and no pain and I sleep like a rock. Even started dreaming again which means I hit that very so coveted REM sleep. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a natural way to heal. Also my skin has started to look a lot clearer and my beard and mustache have found new roots it seams. Best supplement I’ve taken by far. Feeling Blessed. Thanks TQ-Advanced!

don’t take it on an empty stomach!

I used the gel capsules of black seed oil before which wasn’t bad. I wanted to try those because of the strength….It was only my fault that I didn’t read the safety info and I took one pill on an empty stomach . 30 min. later I felt burning and discomfort in my stomach. It was so unpleasant and it lasted around 20min while I was trying to snooze it with yogurt. I will try to take it after food because I love the benefits !

Best pain relief ever!

It keeps my knees from hurting when I climb the stairs just like the liquid did. The thing that I like about the liquid is that you can gargle with it and then swish it in your mouth to kill all bacteria before you swallow it. I thought it would taste bad but the only taste when you clean your mouth with it is when you swallow it. There is a bad taste for just a second. I plan on using both the liquid and the pill form. Make sure you take the pill form with a big meal to avoid any stomach upset. Black seed oil is the greatest thing I have ever used for joint pain.